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The Digital Fifth’s 2nd Edition of Bharat Fintech Summit to Focus on Enterprise Fintech Growth, Retail & SME Finance Digitization by 2030

Mumbai, 3rd February 2024: The event also marks the launch of The Digital Fifth’s Accelerator Program. It will provide a launchpad for innovative startups seeking funding in angel, pre-series, or series A rounds through its accelerator program. Aimed at tapping the ever-evolving banking and financial services ecosystem, the second edition of Bharat Fintech Summit will focus on the growth of enterprise Fintech and the digitization of retail and SME financing in India by 2030.


To be held in Mumbai on February 7 and 8, 2024, the Bharat Fintech Summit will provide a platform for in-depth discussions on the ever-evolving Fintech ecosystem with a deep impact on BFSI Business Models.


The fintech industry in India is now amongst the best in the world and is expected to contribute significantly to India’s target of becoming a $7 trillion economy by 2030. 


While B2C fintech companies have received attention for achieving unicorn status and pursuing IPOs, the exceptional growth of Indian Enterprise Fintechs often goes unnoticed. This event will focus on the B2B aspect of the fintech industry, which is helping the entire BFSI industry go digital. B2B space is getting redefined are LendingTech where entities like Perfios Software Solutions, Backbase, Vayana, Finbox, Finezza, Synoriq are doing extensive work B2B Lending space, Payment Tech: Zaggle, Bharatpe, EPS,Transbank, Plural by Pine Lab, Wibmo, Regtech where entities like Signzy, Spice Route Legal are doing entensive work. Some of the B2B entities are also tasting success in the equity market by going public. 


Entities like  AdvantageClub (HRMS), Cygnet Digital (GST),  Stellapps(Dairy Ecosystem), Tally (Accounting platfrom) Hyperface (Cards) are creating unique ecosystems of augmenting the existing systems to drive innovation and inclusiveness. 


Industry experts believe that Secured Lending, MSME lending, B2B payments, Cross-Border Payments, and Insurance will see a significant digital push in 2024. 



The Bharat Fintech Summit aims to provide deep insights into the present and future trends that will shape the sector. Innovation, Digitisation, Globalisation, and Inclusion are the key themes covered across the panel discussions planned during the two-day summit.


Spread over five tracks, with 40+ panels and 250+ speakers, the Summit fosters collaboration among key financial players, aligning with India’s advancement in digital Finance. 


The summit will host 50 + expo booths, master classes, and product demos showcasing innovation in payments, lending, wealth, open banking, and more. 


The event also marks the launch of The Digital Fifth’s Accelerator Program. Itwill provide a launchpad for innovative startups seeking funding in angel, pre-series, or series A rounds through its accelerator program. 


“Our primary objective is to empower each participant with valuable insights and knowledge, facilitating collaborative efforts tocatalyze innovation and advancing digitization. We aspire to pave the way for the extensive dissemination of Digital financial services to even the remotest corners, ensuring that the benefits of the digital revolution reach the farthest segments of our society,” said, Sameer Singh Jaini, Founder of The Digital Fifth. 


Jaini also said that Banks and NBFCs will evolve to become fully digital for the Retail and MSME segments in the next 10 years. This would mean cheaper and more accessible financial services for a broader audience.


Detailed discussions on topics like the convergence of digital payments and credit, reimagining the future of financial services through digital public infrastructure, how small banks are leading the inclusion agenda of the country and evolution of due diligence in fintech investments will take place at the summit.  


For more information visit: https://www.bharatfintechsummit.com/agenda 



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